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Challenging search and seizure and litigating for damages in the civil courts
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Challenging search and seizure and litigating for damages in the civil courts

Doughty Street Chambers recently ran an event for criminal solicitors on how criminal litigation can give rise to a civil action against the police or another investigating or prosecuting body.  You can read more about the event via this link.  One of the papers delivered, by Rupert Bowers QC, may be of particular interest to white collar practitioners.  You can watch Rupert's talk by clicking below (the whole talk is included, or you can go directly to Rupert's talk here at 35mins 30 secs); in it he explores the potential civil claims which may arise from search and seizure activity (such as judicially reviewing search warrants), and looks at how to challenge the process and litigate for damages.  The practical effects can be significant, including the successful return of material and the halting of investigations. 


For a copy of the notes please get in touch with Maurice MacSweeney by email or on 020 7404 1313.  We offer a more in-depth training course on this and indeed other topics, which we will be pleased to deliver at your offices.  Please call Maurice for more details.  

Challenging Search and Seizure - Rupert Bowers QC