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International Law Bulletin
Anwar Ibrahim
Citizenship and the Right to Enter One’s Own Country – the case of Mikhail Saakashvili
Restorative Justice at the International Criminal Court
Interventions in Supply Chains
Rights, once given, cannot be taken away – Same-Sex Marriage in Bermuda
Airspace Tribunal
International Law Bulletin

Welcome to this DSI Summer Bulletin.


Over the last few months members of DSI have continued to work on many of the most important international cases. Jennifer Robinson, who has now joined us as a full member, is representing Vanuatu in the Chagos Archipelago case at the International Court of Justice, Emilie Gonin and Tatyana Eatwell have assisted the African Union with submissions in the case. Jennifer continues to act on behalf of Julian Assange in relation to his ongoing detention at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London; she has also worked tirelessly in seeking self-determination for the people of West Papua and spoke on the issue at our joint Chatham House seminar on self-determination. Jennifer, together with Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC, carry on their efforts on behalf of BBC Persian staff in their action against Iran for unlawful seizure of assets. Caoilfhionn and Paul Mason successfully used UN procedures to secure the release of artist Ramon Ebale in Equatorial Guinea, and Caoilfhionn and Jonathan Price have made submissions to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention regarding the case of Amal Fathy in Egypt. Amal Clooney has forged ahead with her work seeking justice for the Yazidis; and has now taken up the cause of the Reuters journalists unfairly detained in Myanmar. Kirsty Brimelow QC has spent time on the front line in Colombia forging ahead with peace and accountability efforts. Finally, Geoffrey Robertson QC marked the 20th Anniversary of the International Criminal Court and the coming into force of the crime of aggression by setting out the case that could have been made against Blair and Bush.


In this issue Susie Alegre explains the efforts she and Geoffrey Robertson QC have made assisting former President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, challenge the removal of his citizenship and facilitate his return to the Ukraine. David Bentley QC sets out the important assistance he gave in securing freedom for Prime Minister-in-waiting of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, by challenging the suspect DNA evidence that had been relied upon against him. The former chair of the Restorative Justice Council, Lawrence Kershen QC, mediator and restorative justice practitioner, considers the importance of restorative justice in healing the wounds of mass atrocities and evaluates the restorative justice process at the International Criminal Court. Member of our Business and Human Rights team, Krishnendu Mukherjee, highlights the important joint work of the Human Rights Lawyers Association and Institute of Contemporary Arts high level panel in their consideration of the most effective way to intervene in supply chains to ensure respect for human rights in an ever more globalised world. Susie Alegre describes the complex constitutional arrangements between the UK and its overseas territories, the sovereignty of parliament and the fast-evolving status of same-sex marriage within the context of international human rights law. Finally, Professor Nick Grief outlines his recent work developing a new human right to protect the freedom to exist without threat from above; the inaugural hearing of the Airspace Tribunal which will be held at Doughty Street on 21 September 2018.


Have a wonderful and enjoyable summer. Look forward to seeing you in the new term.


Steven Powles

Head of Doughty Street International