Although small states differ hugely in geography, history, wealth and more, their size means they face issues in common, particularly in these legally uncertain times.  As a result, now more than ever, the governments and businesses operating in those small states (including British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies) need access to good quality legal advice. 


On the panel of this Thursday’s event will be Steven Finizio, a leading international arbitration lawyer, who is also involved with the Centre of Small States, which with Doughty Street Chambers and the Island Rights Initiative is co-hosting this event.  The panel will be discussing the role small states can play in international law and arbitration.


Thursday’s event has been designed to stimulate discussion around topical legal issues affecting small states both domestically and internationally. Along with input from expert panellists, there will be an opportunity to participate in the conversation in order to share viewpoints on experiences with a range of small states. 

If you would like to secure a place, and join representatives of small state governments and policy makers, and international lawyers, please click here