Doughty Street Chambers has some of the most experienced appellate practitioners at the Bar, including the contributors to three of the leading works on appellate procedure - The Criminal Appeals Handbook, Taylor on Criminal Appeals, Blackstones Criminal Practice (appeals section)We are involved in appellate cases, at all levels, in England and Wales, Northern Ireland, the ECtHR, the Caribbean, Hong Kong and elsewhere.Our barristers have appeared in some of the most important appeal cases over the last 27 years including the Birmingham six, Myra Hindley, Ahluwhalia, the Guildford four, Rowe (in Davies, Johnson and Rowe), the “Carl Bridgewater” murder, the Cardiff three, Venables and Thompson, Sarah Thornton, Michael Stone, Derek Bentley, Al-Khawaja and Tahery v UK, Lambert (House of Lords), Harry Mackenney and Bruce Childs, Ken Erskine (“The Stockwell Strangler”), Dwaine George, Jogee and related joint enterprise appeals

Our cases frequently involve complex legal or evidential issues. We have built up a particular expertise in cases involving fresh evidence, often from forensic experts including DNA and firearms, and cases involving appellants with mental health issues.  

We can offer the following services to our solicitors:

Monthly Appeals Bulletin

The Bulletin aims to highlight recent changes in case law and procedure in England and Wales, Northern Ireland, the Caribbean and Hong Kong and to provide practical guidance to those advising on appellate matters. Our monthly case summaries illustrate when an appellate court is likely to interfere with conviction or sentence, as well as looking at the courts’ approach to procedural matters. The featured article provides an in depth commentary on a current appeal topic. For recent editions see here.



We plan to release videocasts on various aspects of the appellate process. For the first one on Advising on a Potential Appeal with Joel Bennathan QC and Paul Taylor, click here. This is a short guide to appealing against a conviction, identifying some of the relevant issues together with practical tips. The accompanying power point presentation can be found here.

In House Training 

We regularly provide in-house training for solicitors on a range of appellate topics, and have carried these out in England and Belfast as well as in the Caribbean.

We are happy to create a one off seminar or a mini-series including all or a combination of these in addition to any others which you would find useful. Topics that we have covered include:


  1. Getting started: What to look for when you get that first letter from a potential client, identifying the issues, and what steps to take in order to progress;
  2. The CCRC: Procedure and powers.
  3. Identifying potential grounds of appeal against conviction
  • The safety test;
  • Fresh evidence;
  • Criticism of trial counsel;
  • Misdirection;
  • Inconsistent verdicts;
  • Wrongful admission or exclusion of evidence;
  • Defects in the indictment;
  1. Identifying potential grounds of appeal against sentence;
  2. Attorney General references


Triage Service

We offer a “triage” service, where for an initial fixed fee preliminary advice can be obtained to determine whether or not there are any merits in pursuing an appeal.

Criminal Appeals Advice Line

Our Criminal Appeals Advice Line provides free preliminary advice and guidance for solicitors involved in criminal cases raising potential issues of judicial review, case stated, appeals and applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.  For further details please click here.


If you have any questions about the services we can offer solicitors, please get in touch with our Senior Practice Manager for crime Tom Street on 0207 400 9088.