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Challenging the use of DNA in sexual offences
When is a time limit not a time limit?
Victim of trafficking
Appeals against Sentence; England and Wales
Hong Kong Case Summary
Appeals against Conviction; England and Wales
Northern Ireland Case Summary
Paul Taylor QC
Paul Taylor QC

Welcome to the July edition of our monthly Criminal Appeals Bulletin.


The Bulletin aims to highlight recent changes in case law and procedure in England and Wales, Northern Ireland, the Caribbean and Hong Kong (with an occasional series on appeal cases from Scotland) and to provide practical guidance to those advising on appellate matters. Our monthly case summaries illustrate when an appellate court is likely to interfere with conviction or sentence, as well as looking at the courts’ approach to procedural matters. 


The featured article focuses on a current appeal topic. In this edition we have two articles. Joel Bennathan QC comments on his recent successful appeal to the Privy Council in Darroch v AG of Isle of Man, dealing with time limits applicable to confiscation orders; Kirsty Brimelow QC analyses a recent case challenging the use of DNA in a sexual offence trial.


We also look at:

  • CACD conviction appeals dealing with victims of trafficking, bad character, jury irregularities, and alternative verdicts.
  • CACD sentencing appeals relating to Drug importation and dealing via “Dark Web”, wounding, manslaughter guidelines and hospital orders v s.45A orders.
  • NICA decision on a challenge to reporting restrictions;
  • Hong Kong appeals dealing with misconduct in public office and acts tending to pervert the course of justice.



Doughty Street has some of the most experienced appellate practitioners at the Bar, including the contributors to the leading works on appellate procedure - The Criminal Appeals Handbook, Taylor on Criminal Appeals, Blackstones Criminal Practice (appeals section), Halsbury’s Laws (Appeals).


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We hope that the bulletin is of interest to you.


With best wishes,


Paul Taylor QC

Head of the DSC Criminal Appeals Unit